about us

We are Bogdanov's Painting & Decorating. We are a family business that goes back four generations of painting and decorating skills. We believe in keeping it in the family. Our children are the next great resource we provide as our ancestors have been our inspiration.

  • Led by artist Peter Bogdanov
  • Managed by Donna Adele Bogdanov
  • Production by Isaiah Bogdanov
  • Photography by Natalia Bogdanov
  • Production labor by Michael Richardson/Bogdanov
  • Family Values Grown At Home
This is our family business, this is our life!

The creation of Bogdanov's Painting & Decorating started back in 1991 when Peter William Bogdanov set out to start a career centered on being an artist. After his best friend, biggest fan, future wife and business partner Donna Adelita Howard invited him to an art class at SFCC, the rest would be an epic artistic history.

Peter spent his life inspired by watching his father run Bogdanov’s Painting & Decorating, so we have decided to run our mural, flooring and art construction projects under our long time family name. At Bogdanov's Painting & Decorating we specialize in murals, creative flooring and artistic construction projects. This is our family. This is our life. This is our legacy. We offer No Apology For Victory!

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